When it comes to advising students on college, my favorite subject to discuss is their major, or career path.  Some students are so certain.  Others less so.  It is strange that we almost require high school students to know what they want to do when they are 16 or 17 years old.  This is particularly ironic considering that many of us in our 40s are unsure of our career path or took a very long and windy road to get to where we want to be. J

Over the years I considered many careers.  Three majors: secondary ed- English, broadcast journalism and finally, social work.  Then, attorney, social worker again.  Social work professor?  Pharmacist (here is one that actually stings a bit…I would have loved being a clinical pharmacist- maybe that will be my next career).  Teacher.  Now, tutor, business owner and independent educational consultant.  Those are just the careers I SERIOUSLY considered.  I also kicked around doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, guidance counselor, applied behavior analyst.  I’m sure I’m leaving a few out.

I have so many interests. How could I choose?  Throughout this journey, I discovered so much about myself.  I enjoy kids but need to be around adults too.  I need co-workers.  Working in an elementary school is wonderful. You’ll never find a place closer to utopia. I need to have a problem to solve. Even better- a puzzle and a problem to solve.  I prefer to work during the day.  Over time I would notice these little wants and needs and adjust accordingly.  If adjusting was even possible.

I would occasionally joke with my husband that I should actually be a career counselor.  I know so much about so many careers- particularly helping and health-related careers.  Well, here is my chance.

I’m excited to start a blog that focuses on different careers!  I plan to cover education necessary, schools with strong programs, and hopefully, an interview or two.  Maybe I’ll talk about career assessments too.  We shall see!

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