Valuable Summer Tutoring

Summer break is fun, but students pay a price — they forget important concepts they learned during the school year. Nelson Resource Center has the tutoring tools to fight the summer brain drain. We offer a variety of programs designed to help students catch up and stay ahead.


A Broad Range of Summer Programs

At Nelson Resource Center, you will find grade and subject specific tutoring to fill in the gaps from the prior academic year as well as providing a jump start for the coming school year. Classes, designed for each individual student, are generally held mid June through July and can include the following:






Study Skills

Freshman Advantage


Math Program

Our math program guides students through a comprehensive skills program starting with the basic fundamentals and traveling through simple equations while exploring the reasons math is critical to the outside world.

Algebra Program

Our algebra program guides students through the many levels, including I, II, and College Algebra, to ensure a full understanding and comprehension of the subject matter to promote future success in higher level math courses and standardized tests.

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Geometry Program

Our geometry program guides students through the reasoning skills necessary to successfully complete any level of geometry courses.

Reading Program

Our reading program guides students through a course of phonetics, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking to develop essential reading skills.


Writing Program

The Writing Program provides instruction ans instills students with confidence in their writing abilities. We Cover the research process and to distill ideas effectively followed by exercises to stimulate the creative process. We review the mechanics of sentence structure and rules of grammer.

Study Skills Program

Our study skills program gives students the tools to become organized as well as motivated to be the best student possible in all academic environments.


Freshman Advantage Program

This 4-week course is designed for the incoming high school freshman. The Advantage Program teaches the organizational skills necessary for surviving this key firt year. Some of the areas covered include detailed note-taking skills, techniques for backwards planning of major assignments, and the necessity of using an assignment notebook on a regular basis. Finally, the student will identify the urgency of time management by developing a study plan to conquer this foundational year of high school maximizing GPA and class standing.

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